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Basic Tetris Info:

   30 years ago, during the far 1984 was created a video game, named Tetris. Free Tetris games are also known as one of the most favorite video games in the world, amusing thousands of people.

  Alexey Pajitnov is actually a Russian professional, but additionally as the builder of Tetris. Tetris was very addictive back then (is still) that staff who worked with Pajitnov needed to cover in order to perform the gameplay. 

   Alexey Pajitnov was without almost any large repayments for an master, not until 1996. Eventually his work paid off, although he was only pleased to find players enjoy playing the match.

   It really is clear that beside the Russian gameplay, the background melody will be Russian. The song originated from a romantic folk melody about a daughter and a peddler.

   Don't worry if you failed to finish the Tetris video game until today. There actually is no ending, but still you can make 999,999 points. Well, that's all folks, even if the gameplay didn't finish. Think about yourself as being a Tetris pro and proceed. Oh yeah, and please join the world tournament.

   Tetris possesses two key words in the origin. The very first term is literally tetra that features a Greek source and means four while the next word will be tennis, via the developer's ultimate activity.

   Now don't care if you get a Tetris Symptoms or Effect, it is just since you competed too much of your best game. You will try stacking boxes of all types when you notice them at the food market, but don't worry because researches have proven that Tetris increases brain effectiveness and also builds up a thicker cortex. And also let's not forget the time that we'll spend on consuming cupcakes and other addictions if we are not playing Tetris. 

   The tiniest form of Tetris ever before, was initially carried out in an electronic microscope. Sounds exciting, but think about Tetris gaming on the 437 feet high building, exciting, right?

   Tetris model coming from 1984 may be seen in the MoMA in N.Y.